Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Considered in the OMB's decision to refuse James Dick OPA/ZBA for a 145 acre quarry, was the conservation of significant cultural heritage landscapes.

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) directs the conservation of significant built heritage resources and cultural heritage landscapes. In 1993 the Town of Caledon, as part of its Environmental Policy Review, recognized that the "most dominant cultural landscape in Caledon is farmscape".

In response to James Dick's proposal to destroy TWO (just two) nineteenth century farm complexes over the course of their operation, which they had acknowledged had cultural and heritage value the Board said:

"The PPS directs conservation of significant cultural heritage landscapes. The subject property is part of such a landscape and the eradication of the agricultural context does not constitute conservation, it constitutes destruction. Such destruction is an unacceptable impact."

So to recap, the OMB relied on the PPS and the Town of Caledon's own policies.

And said TWO century homesteads would constitute destruction.

Despite more than 27 properties in Melancthon losing their farmsteads because of Highlands, the Township of Melancthon has still refused to take ANY action to stop the destruction.


STOP the madness, STOP the destruction and get to work.


  1. Do you think Jerry Jordan has read the OMB decision?

  2. I would bet money that Jorden doesn't know what OMB stands for.

  3. I was at a meeting in Melancthon where a ratepayer ask how they could be protected from any impacts that Highlands quarry might have on their water and Jorden said, basically, don't bother, cases like that can't be proven and won in court. OMB, Caledon AND James Dick all agreed assurances for their pit should be 90 million and Melancthon's planner is assuring people not to bother-can't win it, so forget it.

  4. Melancthon Council better have the guts to suck it up and step it up. They have been wrong on every front, and they need to start listening to the informed voices of their citizens.