Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Photo above: Freelancer Wes Keller with John Lowndes at Highlands open house in July of 2009-you know the one where all the Ministry officials were...

Good old Messy Wessy makes the statement in tomorrow's Shelburne's Free Press (published on line today for free, why in hell BUY the paper?? But I digress)

"After more than 30 years of fulltime reporting for both community and mainline newspapers, I stand accused for the first time ever of something that I would consider akin to a betrayal of a confidence."

That is his FIRST untrue statement in this article (link to entire article attached below).

In fact good old Messy Wessy, or Wes the Crypt Keeper Keller, is a freelancer, NOT a full time reporter, due an alleged spot of legal trouble a few years ago.

He states in this "opinion piece"

"I probably erred in including the lady’s remark related to the importance of Official Plans in respect of OMB hearings in a short item headlined as an NDACT reaction, even though I made it clear that she was not speaking for NDACT.

Hm, an admission of guilt. That is going to come in handy if the focus of this article decides to sue.

This is the same guy who "reports" on Council meetings after reading an agenda and then reading the minutes three weeks AFTER the Council publicly posts them. The same "crack reporter" who couldn't get to the first public meeting in Honeywood where the quarry issues was discussed, because the wipers in his beat up jalopy wouldn't work, but who nevertheless took it upon himself to "report" on the event.

And why in the hell wouldn't he write the REAL story which is Ministry officials TOLD him at a public meeting that they had no idea how in the hell Highlands could make their water work? Well that might dry up (excuse the pun) the Citizen's lucrative revenue source from Highlands.

No, he and the local paper would rather attack the locals. They are an easier target than Highlands.

Article in full:

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