Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, well, well.

The Township of Melancthon agenda and attachments for the February 3, 2011 meeting of Council, to commence at 9:00 am is pretty interesting.

There is an Official Plan Amendment filed by a grassroots organization called CAUSE, which according to the submission is the Citizen's Alliance United for a Sustainable Environment, an incorporated entity which is a coalition of MC2, CORE and NDACT.  They have filed an OPA with Melancthon to "put in place standards related to mineral aggregate resources".

Details at this link:

In December 2010 the Official Plan Amendment NDACT filed for Specialty Crop designation was deemed complete. For details go to http://www.ndact.com/

Getting interesting now.

I picture several board rooms in the great cities of Boston, New York, Brazil, with large mahogany executive tables, situated around which are several "suits"  IN suits (and ties and pointy metrosexual leather shoes), and on receipt of this information, the mental image I get of all of those people in those suits doing this, all at the same time:

And thanks to these organizations for taking some concrete action. 

Hopefully Jorden, Melancthon's contract planner, is able to handle the pace.  Maybe now he won't be sitting there at Melancthon on his two days in the office a month doing nothing, as the former Deputy Mayor, now Mayor indicated at one meeting.

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