Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, it ain't over for FORCE, the ratepayers group in Flamborough, who shoulder to shoulder with their Council from the day the very first tree was felled have battled St. Mary's Cement against a quarry.

"Pending council approval, the City of Hamilton will seek party status in opposition to the proposed Flamborough Quarry at the upcoming Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing and pre-hearings. Hamilton’s planning committee, chaired by Ward 14 councillor Robert Pasuta, endorsed the move during an in camera session last Tuesday." 

For entire article click the link: http://www.flamboroughreview.com/news/article/296284

This mirrors closely what Caledon did with their ratepayers group FROM THE VERY BEGINNING when James Dick, over 10 years ago casually announced he would be digging a 150 acre hole.  The municipality stood shoulder to shoulder with their ratepayers group and WON.

What neither Caledon or Hamilton did was sit back while grassroots organizations mobilized and filed and paid for the things Council should have been doing through strengthening their Officials Plans, tightening up tree cutting bylaws, demolition controls bylaws and amending their fees and charges bylaws.

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