Sunday, February 20, 2011


Highlands has approached the new County Council about purchasing the rail line.

Just to recap, a couple of years ago they offered the Town of Orangeville $7 million dollars to sell Orangeville's section of the rail line, $5 million on the sale and a $2 million bonus when the first tracks are laid.

Which means, the rest of the County of Dufferin rail bed (and presumably Grey, because there is no sense laying track to Dundalk and then having no where to go) must be sold.

And how does Orangeville ensure the County of Dufferin sells the rail bed outside of Orangeville's jurisdiction in order to get their $2 million bonus?

Well it isn't hard-they have the weighted vote at County and with only one or two more votes they pretty much run the County.

At the February 17 County meeting Bill Hill, Darren White and Allen Taylor voted against entering into closed session negotiations to sell the rail bed.  Those that were in attendance and didn't have a conflict, according to media reports all voted in favour.

The County has agreed to hold a public meeting, but it seems from the media reports that that won't happen until after the closed session negotiations with Highlands......sort like putting the horse before the cash, I mean cart.

Because after all, if the County was going to hold an open house and truly consider the ratepayers and user groups opinion and input, they would not spend money on staff time or lawyers meeting with Highlands to hammer out a deal, now would they?

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