Sunday, February 13, 2011


A lawsuit launched by a land developer against two Markham Councillors was thrown out of court by Justice James Spence, who called it "an abuse of the court's process and an attempt to intimidate the councillors"..

Excerpts from the article include:

"the lawsuit was intended as a "nasty message" to her and to others on town council to not "mess with the plans of wealthy developers who want to make countless millions from unsustainable urban sprawl".

"We stood up to this bullying and continued to say what we were elected to say,

"I strongly suspect that these pressures do affect municipal councillors all over the province," she said.

"It is often much easier to just do what the bullies want, but I hope that with this court decision, we can all speak more freely about what we honestly believe is good for our communities."

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In December 10, 2010 the provincial government received the Anti-Slapp Panel's report.

You are encouraged to email your MPP with your views.  You can locate your provincial MPP at this link:

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  1. This is good news. The question is whether or not our Councillors feel bullied. Likely not. Sadly, and against public desire, it appears industrialization is Bill Hill's vision for Melancthon.