Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Take a drive north of Masonville on County Road 124 and watch another one coming down, today.


  1. It is so sad to think that our local politicians did not see the writing on the wall. These homesteads have been systematically destroyed so that Highlands could clear out the local demographic to bring their aggregate application one step closer to approval. This move has always been transparent and the fact that our own counicil defended the Highland position of improving their agricultural goals is nothing short of criminal neglect. We send parents to jail for not nurturing their children, it seems there should be at least some minor accountability for councils. They have a lot to prove in the next few months to earn their position as caretakers for this township. It is difficult to imagine, that with all the missed opportunities to strengthen and impove our OP,as suggested by multiple residents, that it is not already too late. Council was given solid advice and were too proud to listen. Perhaps now that the the Minister of Natural Resources has made a statement that proves what citizens have said all along, that the Province is not interested in a township that has not planned its own defense, perhaps now council will take the suggestions of the ratepayers who have only ever had the best interests of their home at heart. It time we were all on the same side. Stand together or fall together.

  2. Well said, and so true.

  3. There are two more houses owned by Highlands that have not had their driveways ploughed all winter. So of course no heating oil or hydro and in the spring Highlands will say they were condemned and unfit for habitation. And three months and counting and still no demolition control bylaw from the "new" Council.