Saturday, March 12, 2011


I already have my first doubting Thomas (see comment on yesterday's post).

So, if you look at Highlands own report, Volume 1 of 4, page 14, it says:

"The actual amount of water that will require management will vary depending on the extraction areas in operation and/or rehabilited.  The daily average amount of water to be managed upon completion of the quarry and rehabilitation with the COA and four fully excavated extraction areas, is calculated to be about 599,000 cubic metres a day (converted that is the 600 MILLION litres a day.)"

So lets remember the only way to keep the holes dry is, according to their own studies, to operate 16 pumps 24/7 managing 600 MILLION litres of water a day. 

At least there will be lots of local jobs......doing this:


  1. Just to keep things straight from the horse's mouth (directly from Highland's paid-for study): they predict seasonal variations of water management to be a low (in the summer) of 591,000 cubic meters to a high (in the spring) of 674,000 cubic meters. (1 cubic meter=1000 liters, So add three zeros to each of the numbers above to show number of liters) Their report predicts an average of 599,000 cubic meters (599 million liters. 600 million is a nice round number, so I guess it is a good one to toss around, besides what's a million liters plus or minus anyway when you are up in that range?

  2. Well that is good to know. That means 1,200 less people in the province of Ontario over the course of a year, which is what 100,000 cubic metres of water 1,200 people use on average annually, will not have to worry about Highlands using all that water in AD DAY.