Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Orangeville banner offering a balanced article:

Sylvia Jones in the legislature raking the Minister of MNR over the coals:

Council of Canadians media release on the application:

Orangeville Citizen editorial questioning the "balanced" approach Highlands says they are taking:

And then Wes's stellar coverage.  (What is that saying - put enough monkeys in a room with typewriters and they could write this article, or something like that.....)

Here is an excerpt of his "balanced" reporting:
"NDACT’s major concern has been for water as the quarry is proposed for a depth approaching 200 feet, well below the water table. The council has also demonstrated its opposition to below- watertable extraction.

But Highland has filed a plethora of reports and studies with its applications. These, prepared by well known engineers and consultants including Bob Long of Orangeville, are all considered by Highland to support the feasibility of protection of water resources and rehabilitation of the mined area to agricultural use."

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  1. Again, too little too late. Tom Claridge (Orangeville Citizen owner) knew 2 years ago that the Highland's pit would be nothing more than a lake, but do you think they ever put that in print?? No.
    Orangeville won't give a crap about Melancthon until they are given a reason to believe it will negatively effect each and everyone of them personally. That, Mr. Mayor, is what needs to be revealed: their water, their truck and rail traffic, their road service,their food source, their trails, and their "scenic" route to the cottage. Because they obviously don't care about "their neighbours."