Friday, March 11, 2011


Reviewing Highlands application for "their" proposed 2,400 acre, 200 foot limestone open pit mine to be located on prime agricultural land on the headwaters of the water source for over 1 million Ontarians reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Let's see.

600 MILLION litres.....

600 million litres of beer was sold in 17 days in Germany at Okotober fest 2010.

600 million litres of oil was spewed into the Gulf over a three month period in 2010, thanks to BP oil.

600 million litres of water is what 1/4 of the population of Ontario (2.6 million people) uses on average per day.

AND 600 millions litres of water PER DAY is what Highlands will have to "manage" at peak production.

600 MILLION litres of water PER DAY.

PER DAY.......

WAit until you read this weekend about how they want to "manage" the 600 MILLION litres of water per day.


  1. They predict that in the spring, for a 30 day period, a "maximum seasonal water management of about 674 million liters/day may be required on a temporary basis."

  2. Michael, Seth, are you guys reading this blog and posting comments?