Thursday, March 3, 2011


Big news at Council today.

What was the news?  Not exactly sure.  It is like the old game of telephone.  Lots of different versions of what was said today at the meeting coming in phone calls and emails, but from the horses mouth?  Or any ONE of the elected horses mouths?  NOT one word from any of them to the ratepayers group who is most interested in this issue.

Can't wait until Council gets the minutes posted three weeks from now so all of the public who couldn't make a 9:00 am meeting today will find out what the news was, because there is nothing new posted on their website.

Apparently the news was dropped at the end of the meeting with the Mayor expressing his disappointment that the spokesperson for company about which the news is related, didn't have the courtesy to inform the council about the news.  

Like I said, not ONE call from any elected official from Melancthon after the meeting to inform the the citizens group about the news, but the Mayor is disappointed??

I guess if you want to know the news before the next Council meeting, you could file an FOI request, as per Melancthon's new policy?  Just a thought.


  1. Huh? I can usually follow your drift but not with this posting. What's up?

  2. That is the thing. I do not know what is up and unless you were at the meeting I guess you don't either. If you want to know, I would suggest to you email or phone any of your Melancthon Councillors.

  3. What is up???
    The Highland quarry application is soon to arrive at township. The Highland's website has posted all the reports prepared for their application. They have finally played their hand. It is all there for us to see.

  4. The game is on...

  5. Did any of the regulars at council who have continually expressed their concern about this pending application or any member of a grass roots organization who have been spending their own money to fight this for two years get a courtesy call from the Mayor or any other member of Council?

  6. No call here, and no one I know got one.

  7. NDACT was notified. Minebuster, why don't you get your information right before you post crap?

  8. Yeah NDACT was notified-Friday afternoon and not by the Mayor. The entire community via telephone, emails and blogs had heard some version of it by then.