Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Guess what ELSE you can do with a working open pit limestone mine?

Well, once you get a permit to "take water" you can "take water" wherever the hell you want-even in a pipeline somewhere.

But you can also do this, on 1/2 of a working, blasting mine that is still pumping water:

Landfill Proposed for Zorra Township

Just google Carmeuse Lime Beachville and see what you get-maybe a glimpse of Melancthon's future.


  1. Beyond a doubt, Baupost is after our water as much as it's after our limestone. Sometimes I shudder when I think that if it wasn't for a few suspicious farmers, there would already be a gaping hole in Melancthon. It's time to gear-up our fight and DEMAND that Peter Kent starts paying attention, even if it means shaming him into action....

  2. The stance that Oxford County Council is taking with their moratorium on landfills is interesting. While Council admits that ultimately the decision lay with the province, County Council has said "NO" right from the beginning. I asked Darren White, Melancthon's Deputy Mayor why Council didn't come out against the mega-quarry based on objections from the residents. He told me that there is a process to be followed and that the Township would be more effective inside that process rather than shut-out. It will be interesting to see if belligerence would have been the better strategy.

  3. Forget Peter Kent, we know where his loyalties lie, in the pockets of corporations and a fascist conservative government. Focus on the province, not that McGuinty is much better, maybe the MOE is.