Friday, April 13, 2012


Very mysterious:

Highland, town renew railway sale deal-FEBRUARY 9, 2012

While the town has been willing to sell its railway, the county has been less enthusiastic about selling the rail corridor it owns north of Orangeville. (be sure to note the comments below the article)

BUT at the March 26, 2012 General government services committee meeting this appears:

Closed Session – Property Matter – Update on the Former Rail Line Corridor Closed session in accordance with the Municipal Act Section 239 (2) (c), a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land.

In closed session the Committee discussed the Confidential Report from the Chief Administrative Officer dated March 26, 2012 regarding the former rail line corridor.

Moved by Councillor Adams, seconded by Councillor Rhonda Campbell Moon THAT staff be directed to carry out the direction as discussed in closed session. -Carried-

And yet when ratepayers ask County Councillors for a public meeting to get the facts on the potential sale as the facts are decidedly lacking, they were advised the County is not contemplating a sale.

So was the March 26, 2012 closed meeting improperly closed, or improperly titled?

In either case that could trigger a closed meeting investigation.

And if someone is asking for a closed meeting investigation on the rail issue, they should also ask them to investigate the “Rail Sub committee” meetings held in 2011 t the County that did not publicly post in contravention of the Municipal Act and their own procedure bylaw.

Apparently there was a meeting on February 7, 2011-the minutes were approved at General Government Services meeting on February 22, 2011 and then again at the February 10 County Council meeting. However NO agenda was posted for the original February 7 meeting.

THEN at the General Government services committee meeting on March 21, 2011 at 4.45 PM the minutes of the Rail Sub committee meeting OF THE VERY SAME DAY at 3.00 PM were added to the agenda. 

And again, no notification to the public of the Rail subcommittee meeting. And if you want to read the minutes of the Rail subcommittee meeting held on March 21 you have to go to the Council agenda of April 14, 2011.
You need a degree in computer forensics to find this shit.

Or else just be a very determined and disbelieving blogger.



  1. Pretty sure I read a quote in the local paper recently where Robbing Robby said they were not going to "bury their heads in the sand this time" potential sale of rail corridor lands for running turbine transmission lines...sounds like contemplation to me...2 serious offers and no public meeting.

  2. The rail corridor discussions have to do with a easement request on the rail lands. It is Dufferin Wind Power wishing to come to an agreement. Highland is not buying the rail corridor, at leats not yet.

  3. 6:01 pm, all the MORE reason a public meeting, a real PUBLIC meeting where the PUBLIC can actually ask questions and get answers from elected officials about what the hell is happening, lease to whoever, sale to whoever, where are the details. The residents own this, NOT the elected officials.