Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Wow, those pesky rules that make BILLION $$ Hedgefunds file reports must make their secretative alligator skins crawl..because people actually read those reports and report on them.

Anyhew, here you go:
The mega-quarry project application filed by Highland Companies (controlled by Baupost Group) continued to face local opposition. An application for a 2316 acre limestone mega-quarry at a depth of 200 ft. below the water level was filed on March 3, 2011, but local farmers (North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce and Citizens' Alliance for a Sustainable Environment) forced the Ontario government to order a full environmental assessment of the project. The latest development is a letter dated May 7, 2012 from the Chairman of NDACT alleging that the review process of the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) largely excluded locals and should therefore make amendments so as "to conduct more thorough ARA review hearings" and to have hearings at select rural communities including Dufferin County. If Highland Companies succeed in building the mine, Baupost Group will control the second largest such mine in North America with limestone deposits worth upwards of $6B at current prices. Highland Companies acquired the entire acreage between 2006 and 2010 for around $50M.

Read more about it here:

Then there is this little gem....A May 2012 article by Gareth Browh: Read the comments at the end where the author, in response to a post by Tess Mansfield replies that he suspects we will win our battle against Klarman!!!

And yet one more:
The largest hedge funds in Boston control more than $130 billion in assets, with some of the top firms run by executives who used to manage Harvard University’s endowment, according to a Globe analysis of federal filings that provide the first glimpse into an industry that has largely been able to keep its financial records private.

Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group is Boston’s biggest hedge fund, and ranks number five in the country, with $25 billion in assets in 2011. Baupost grew by $2 billion last year, and produced a profit, according to Klarman’s January letter to investors, despite a flat stock market in which the average hedge fund lost 5 percent of its value.

Klarman, a philanthropist who also owns a minority stake in the Boston Red Sox, is known for his bargain-hunting in unusual places. Two of his current bets are on the debt of bankrupt Lehman Brothers, which is still being traded in anticipation of a bankruptcy settlement and on a Canadian company that’s trying to start a rock quarry, according to a recent Fortune magazine report.

And Baupost, can I call you Seth???, you don't have to thank, or pay Minbuster for the free publicity.  As all lawyers and PR firms worth a hill of beans will tell you, any publicity is GREAT publicity and I am glad to help.  BWWWHAAHAHAHAHAHWWWHAHAHAHAH!!!


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    BTW I think Highlands mural IS great PR strategy -- now I can tell people EXACTLY where the proposed mega-quarry is going to be. Just look for the hilarious big red barn, both sides of the road, as far as the eye can see!

  2. Anonymous08 June, 2012

    Hey Seth, it's getting harder and harder to present yourself as a big-hearted philanthropist these days, isn't it? The world is watching you now, and Melancthon and Bixby Ranch aren't exactly stellar moves for an investor who supposedly "cares" about the future of this planet. Maybe it's time to show some real class, and walk away from the mega quarry proposal. Now THAT would get you some good publicity. Maybe we'll even name a potato in your honour....