Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Why is it the community has to find out the facts of what is happening in their community through a national newspaper, instead of from those elected or appointed to boards?

This is all information taxpayers are entitled to, instead of a pat on the head and a brush off by "THOSE IN POWER" 

I am talking about the column by Christie Blatchford in the Montreal Gazette about the longstanding issues at the Mel Lloyd Family Health Team.

Both the Mel Lloyd FHT in Shelburne and the Humber River FHT in northwest Toronto recently have seen clashes between administrators allegedly trying to bring standard governance procedures to the FHT boards, followed by a round of firings and staff or board member resignations.

The Mel Lloyd FHT, where board directors have twice resigned en masse and where staff turnover reached 51 per cent last year, now faces two wrongful dismissal suits from a former executive-director and a former administrator.

One of the suits, which seeks $800,000 in damages, alleges some of the doctors had been lured to the FHT by promises they could work part-time hours but be paid full-time.

 ....auditors found that two board members, including one of the FHT physicians, were in a conflict of interest.
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NOT sure when those in power are going to realize the old boys network is over as are the days of backroom secret meetings outside of real meetings and withholding information on local boards, committees and Councils.

If this information can be printed in a newspaper, why in the hell couldn't it be issued in a press release from the Mel Lloyd Family Health Team Board?

And why would it take citizens to contact the Ministry and NOT the Board?  You know, those ones put in place to protect the public and taxpayer money.

I hope Pat gets every penny in her lawsuit because frankly she seems the only one with integrity in this entire situation.


  1. Anonymous13 June, 2012

    All board members past and present should be named. And who lured them with the promise of 20 day work weeks?

  2. Anonymous13 June, 2012

    Google these names:
    Thomas Manning, Executive Director
    Pat Henry, Chair (2011)
    Don Stewart former Board member and Chair (2008)
    John Lowndes, Highland Companies 2008 contributing to physican recruitment initiative
    Meline Batten, Chair (2010)
    Dan Best
    David M. Brierley

  3. Anonymous14 June, 2012

    Good old boys protecting the good old boys, leaving careers and lives destroyed in the process.

  4. Anonymous14 June, 2012

    Kinda like the Honeywood arena and Fire department-keep donating money people but dont ask questions.

  5. Anonymous18 June, 2012

    Manning, Crewson and Best are all Masons. Crewsons kid works as a student for the municipality in which Best is the cao and manning has no municipal experience and yet was touted as the candidate by Crewson when they needed a clerk and has somehow landed in the executive directors jobs (TWICE) at the Mel Lloyd team where Best and Crewson have been or are Directors of the Board. Old boys club indeed.

  6. Anonymous24 June, 2012

    Crewson has already tragically impacted the lives of a number of people in this community, myself included, with his ignorant and inept decisions regarding medical matters. He is neither qualified or able to exercise good judgement in this area. How on earth can any one take this buffoon seriously? His relationship with Highland is consistent with much of his other misdeeds. It's time for some new blood, if you'll pardon the pun.

  7. As a former clerical employee at the Mel, i can say all sorts about the crap that went on there, but i will save it for the courts, what a corrupt place! Sure hope i get asked to testify !!