Sunday, June 10, 2012


The article posted at has the headline Where should Dufferin be Headed. 

On June 6th a meeting to get the public's input was held at Dufferin Oaks. 

The article states:  Many of the people in attendance dreamt of more reliable Internet service countywide, a flourishing equine sector, improved access to health care in north Dufferin, more business and industry, as well as land use planning authority at the county level.

Minebusters response to where Dufferin residents should be headed is as far away and as fast as possible over upper tier planning authority.

It may sound benign but what it means for the rural communities is Orangeville, I mean the County, has final say over our OP's. 

And in my opinion, with the weighted voting system at the County, and Orangeville holding most of the votes, rural Dufferin isn't going to get much, except the County's bill for this new planning service (Directors, planner both junior and senior and office space and admin staff, etc, etc,) and more turbines, landfills, little to no urban expansion in their settlement areas, more aggregate designations and NO employment land designations.

And the Shelburne County Councillor who got caught with his hand in the proverbial Conflict of Interest Cookie Jar over the Shelburne arena and is still pissed at his fellow Shelburne Councillors because they took a stand and deemed that he shouldn't have been doing that, he will vote with Orangeville on County issues, particularly if it screws his Shelburne Council.

And the Mulmur County Councillor who sues everyone who looks at her the wrong way instead of getting on with the business for which she was elected, will vote with Orangeville on County issues, particularly if it screws her Mulmur Council.

I see a very dangerous trend here. 

While not amalgamating in full, the County is taking over the County piecemeal-waste management, composting, hazardous waste, I.T., emergency management, building inspections and permits, now a call for upper tier planning authority.....

Orangeville will benefit, as well as empire building at the County because of course more staff, more departments, then more money for the senior staff who are supervising more staff and the lower tiers will pay, and not just with money, trust me.

The county’s second public forum for its Strategic Plan process will be held on Tuesday (June 12) at Monora Park, beginning at 7 p.m. For more information, call 519-941-2816, ext. 2816 or visit  to fill out a survey online.                                    

Here is the news article in full:

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  1. Anonymous10 June, 2012

    Petty bureaucrats, working to their own ends. Under qualified, staggering lack of vision and an even greater lack of ideas. This system of governance is broken, it needs to be erased and redrawn to reflect the needs of the community, not the needs o a few self serving nincompoops. This applies from municipal, through every layer, up to federal. In short, the lunatics are running the asylum and they are laughing all the way to the bank.