Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So NOW, after County  Councillors voted on transferring waste to the upper tier, selling the public on cost savings, they figure out Orangeville benefits, but other lower tiers won't? 

And staff are STILL crunching the numbers, AFTER County Councillors voted on transferring waste management to the upper tier, selling the public on cost savings?


Priceless quotes:
There will be winners and losers in this game,” said East Garafraxa Mayor Allen Taylor, chair of the county’s Community Development Committee (CDC). “Right from the first, I was naïve enough to believe that if the cost was going down, everybody would save money.”

There isn’t going to be a simple slight decrease to each municipality in the cost of waste management,” said county treasurer Alan Selby. “For some, the cost will go up, and for others, the cost will go down.”

I wouldn’t say it was a foul up. It was something we never anticipated,” Taylor said. “Where we are now is called an unintended consequence.”
In light of the discovery, county staff is currently crunching the numbers to determine how much more or less each municipality’s tax base would pay for waste collection next year to compare with their current contracts.
“We’re getting closer to a point where we might be able to come up with exact figures,” Taylor said. “How it works out? Nobody knows

And these clowns are in charge of implementing a gasification plant? 

Holy FUKC.


  1. Why vote, then do the number crunching?.... Ridiculous. Unintended consequence! Unintended consequence! Do these politicians ever listen to the mumbo jumbo that comes out of their mouths, without ever having reached their brains. God help us. This is a big mistake, just wait and see, there is going to be so much random dumping on back roads as a consequence of this 'unintended consequence'...... idiots!
    I think I'm going to stop reading the news, Harper, Ford and fools closer to home, it's more than one can be expected to bare :o( But wait, perhaps that's the ploy.... confound us with their antics so that we will shut down, then they can really run a muck.

  2. If the idea of a gasification plant didn't scare you before - you should be crapping your pants now. Some of us have been saying for years that these councillors would never be capable of regulating it. And to be fair - who is? Rob Ford?! - choke, gag, gasp!! We need to put the brakes on it before we pay with a terrible economic, environmental and health disaster.

  3. Are we doomed to forever re-invent the wheel? Many other Councils have faced such a decision and gained experience from the outcome. Don't the Councillors talk to their counterparts in other counties? What do they mean "Nobody knows"? Bunch of men afraid of asking directions ...?