Saturday, November 17, 2012


In an October 31, 2012 article, the newest wind turbine proponents Dufferin Wind, say it isn't "economically feasible" for them to bury all transmission lines.

Presumably they will be getting the same deal that TransAlta gets, you know provincial taxpayers subsidizing their operations, making them oddles of money on "green energy".

If I am reading the above noted statement from TransAlta correctly for ONE month for ONE turbine in Dufferin, they realized $2.5 million. 

ONE month, ONE turbine.

Hm.....   And the $5 million "gift" currently being offered to Melancthon Council by Dufferin Wind, which if Council accepts will in all probability contain the usual clause, binding them to confidentiality and prohibit them from raising issues with the company in the future?  

It may have come about because a Dufferin Wind proponent made this statement:  

"During the PIC question period, Paul Kuster asked if Dufferin Wind would shut the project down if the turbines created “legitimate health concerns. 
It sounds cold and callous, but the simple answer is no, Hammond said"

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  1. The turbines rake in the bucks. The community gets NOTHING. (other than reduced home values, noise, neighbours angry at each other and suspected health issues). I have yet to hear ONE reason why we should welcome Dufferin Wind's project or how it would benefit Melancthon. GO AWAY, Dufferin Wind. And take Highland/Baupost with you...