Thursday, November 29, 2012


Great article by the Orangeville Banner, click the link and read all about it. 

Selected quotes:

"The Armstrongs were joined by the Blacks, Frenchs, Vander Zaags, Rutledges and Wallaces in their refusal to accept a cheque from the company owned by Baupost, a $25 billion United States-based hedge fund."

"Today, the Facebook group Stop The Quarry has more than 6,000 likes. On Twitter @stopthemegaquarry has 3,000 followers and @teamheadwaters has about 880 followers. In comparison, about 330 people follow Highland on Twitter."

"Cosack believes Highland was the producer of its own application’s demise. “It’s not so much that we were brilliant. We were honest and grounded, but the application was so bad,” Cosack said. “It never had a chance to succeed once people figured out the facts associated with it.”

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