Saturday, November 24, 2012


In the spirit of the season-not Christmas-but that of running Highlands out of town, please enjoy the following, hummed/sung to the tune of

We were told to watch out
For Seth that shy guy
We were told to clear out
I'm telling you why

CAUSE Highlands had arrived in
Our Town

They burned down thirty houses
The trees they tried to clear
They mapped all of the limestone
But there was no need to fear

CAUSE Baupost shoulda watched out
Those insanely rich guys
They shoulda watched out
I am telling them why

Cause we've run Highlands out of
Our Town

We knew what they were plotting
And their plans were pretty lame
We know that they've been bad not good
And we've beat them at their game

SO, Seth shoulda watched out
That really shy guy
He shoulda watched out
I'm telling him why

CAUSE we've just ran Baupost outta
Our Town


  1. A big thank you to Mine Buster. You were the thread that bound us and kept us motivated, fascinated, and laughing out loud when we might have been crying in our coffee.
    Thank you...and don't go away!

  2. I agree with the above. The mega quarry battle may be over, but our eyes are now opened to the pillaging and plundering of our rural landscape by the aggregate industry. Unless laws in Ontario are changed SOON, there will be another quarry battle ahead. And another. So stay with us, Minebuster, as we take on new challenges....