Tuesday, November 27, 2012


There seems to be alot of sniping about who is taking credit for stopping the quarry, who was there first, etc. etc..

Frankly, there is not one single individual or organization or group that could have done it on their own.

It started as a rag tag bunch of people around kitchen tables and turned into a global movement, so I say the bandwagon is big enough for everyone, hop on.

And remember, reporters can twist words to put a spin on a story and I wouldn't be surprised if Hill and Knowlton have some friends in the press who are quite happy to drive a wedge between the movement. 

So don't let them.

So lets celebrate now and enjoy the season, and then move on, as a unified and cohesive group, to finally cut the head off this beast and protect all farmland in Ontario.


  1. The successful beheading of the mega quarry monster was due to the COMBINED efforts of thousands of generous and creative people who clearly saw the potential disaster in Highland's proposal. If there MUST be a star in the inevitable movie about the quarry, I suggest it be the Bobolink...

  2. I'm not taking it personally. Wherever the media wants to place the credit, let them. We don't need HC/HoB&K knowing who was doing what. The less they know, the more propaganda, the better.