Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Misleading and premature

You might think Minebuster is describing a date in high school but no.

These are the words that Mayor Hill describes the $5 million "gift" that Dufferin Wind announced in the papers yesterday.

Dufferin Wind Power Inc.’s announcement of a $5 million gift to Melancthon is misleading and premature, according to the municipality’s mayor, Bill Hill.

“There is no $5 million gift that we got. There is no $5 million gift we’ve agreed to,” Hill said. “I’m quite surprised and shocked at the way this was presented to you through Dufferin Wind, but they do continue to surprise us.”

It’s contingent on more than us signing it. It’s contingent on us agreeing to an agreement,” Hill said. “It’s quite deceiving to the public at large and quite deceiving to the ratepayers of Melancthon.”
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  1. Having attended one of Dufferin Wind's "town hall" meetings, I can honestly say I've NEVER heard a bigger load of B.S. than what came out of these guys' mouths. (not counting Highland's guys, of course). They never answered ONE question with a direct answer, they avoided and evaded. I had gone to the presentation with an open mind and left there full of distrust and disgust for Dufferin Wind. Kudos to Mayor Hill for not grabbing the bait.......

  2. Thanks goodness the company alerted the people to the $5 million Council was considering. None of us would have heard about it until it was signed, accepted and then when the criticism would start Hill would spouting, not our fault, blame the province.