Thursday, January 24, 2013


Arbour Farms (on Airport Road) refiles their application for a pit

QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: First, we’re not a quarry, we’re a gravel pit,” “

FACT: they WILL be digging below the water table. No matter what kind of spin the aggregate industry puts on it, a mine is defined as anything that is dug below the water table. Anything above the water table is a gravel PIT.  And quarry is the lexicon the aggregate industry has introduced as it sounds better than a mine, but they are one and the same thing.

QUOTE: The community doesn’t want this to happen, but those who are outspoken in opposition to this don’t live anywhere near where the site is going to be,” Krehm said, suggesting many of the project’s opponents are weekenders.

FACT: As far as I know, "weekenders" pay the same amount of property taxes as the “locals” and they can even vote in a muncipal election. That would in my book, give the "weekenders" the right to express concern and opinions over what happens in “their/OUR” community.  We learned from the Mega Quarry-there is no us and them, we are all residents and part of the community and as it turns out, friends.

QUOTE: There probably won’t be an impact on the creek. That said, our plan calls for an adaptive management program,” he said, referring to Arbour Farms’ hydrogeological studies. “Should there be any impact, the mitigated measures will either slow down the rate of below the water table extraction or stop it all together.”

SAY WHAT: There PROBABLY won’t be an impact on water? If you don’t know, don’t start blasting. Problem with water is it doesn't respect municipal boundaries.

The company will host a public meeting at Mulmur’s municipal office on Feb. 7 from 4 to 7 p.m.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) 45-day commenting period for Arbour Farm’s application on the environmental registry (EBR) closes on Feb. 22. To view the application, visit the EBR site.  Click here:

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