Saturday, January 19, 2013


Letter to the editor:

"Led by local group NDACT, the coalition of interests raised a very impressive and effective publicity campaign that educated and enthused the greater public to “Stop the Mega Quarry.”

And they did.

But does the spirit of the Stop the Quarry movement end here?

Unfortunately the tried and true methods of large scale aggregate mining continue largely untouched. Under the radar, operations that start with a few hundred acres grow incrementally by adding land through amendments to existing licences. The end result is the same — the creation of colossal sites that eventually exceed the acreage that was proposed by Highland Farms, and keep going. North Caledon already has a 3,800 acre corridor of licensed pits backing on to each other, with expansions likely to come."

Read entire letter here:

The writer is questioning does the stop the Quarry movement end with the fact they have Stopped the "MEGA QUARRY"

I would hazard a guess NO based on what I am reading on their website.

To find out for sure go to or better still attend their annual general meeting and celebration to find out their next steps.  Details here:

AND I hear tickets are going quickly, so don't wait!!

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  1. We stopped the mega quarry, but we all learned a great deal about the aggregate industry. And it stinks. A huge quarry was just given approval in Bobcaygeon, despite protests by the community. Several Bobcaygeon council members are involved in the aggregate business. Smell something rank here? We cannot stop until changes are made to the ARA. Otherwise these pits will freely continue to destroy farmland, contaminate water, and leave this province a wreck in the future. Our work has just begun. we owe it to our children....