Thursday, January 10, 2013


Dufferin County staff learned in mid-December that Ontario’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is planning to amend the list of municipalities that will be required to comply with the province’s Planning Act.

If approved, Dufferin County, along with several other upper-tier municipalities that don’t have an Official Plan in place, will be required to do so by 2015.

Not surprisingly, county council formally opposed the province’s proposal at its last meeting in December.

“We object to this,” said Amaranth Mayor Don MacIver. “We see no value in it. We see a potential significant increase in cost at the county level.”

With respect to Amaranth Mayor MacIver, it will not be a potential significant increase at the county level it WILL be a significant increase cost at County level.

As we all know any time the County gets involved, service levels go down, costs go up.

Just take a look at the uploading of waste management.

Then the County could just do what Melancthon does.

Melancthon, like all other municipalities with an Official Plan, are legislatively obligated to update it every five years.

So far, that hasn’t happened in Melancthon since at least 1978 and there don’t seem to be any provincial penalties being imposed.

The only thing being imposed are invoices from Geriatric Jordan and endless missed deadlines and unfulfilled promises.

Plus Council has graciously extended his contract so he can continue to do what it is he does which is NOT producing a  completed Official Plan. 

He is good a producing a couple of things:
1. bills to Melancthon ratepayers and
2. the wool over Council's eyes.

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