Saturday, January 12, 2013


Trevor Lewis, Public Works Director at the County retires, but manages to get a sweet contracting deal out of the works to manage the DEEP project.

With respect to Trevor, he is NOT qualified to deal with this, nor is anyone at the County.

The mismanagement on the uploading of waste to the County should serve as a firm reminder of this. 

Trevor was the senior staff leading this debaucle, but he did not provide ONE report that outlined a cost/benefit analysis that would have shown that this would increase costs NOT decrease.

But then again if the elected officials didn't ask can you blame him?

IF the County feels they need a consultant, then put the contract out for tender and hire someone who has the expertise.

We can’t afford another screw up.

And we, as taxpayers, are entitled to transparency.

So, how much are we paying Trevor as a consultant?

And who voted for this?

Where was the request for a consultant posted?

What are his qualifications?

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