Thursday, January 31, 2013


More than two years after the new Council being sworn in and more than 9 years of “work” Jorden has produced a DRAFT Official Plan.

This is a draft only.

The legislated public meeting under the Planning Act hasn’t been held yet nor has the province provided comments. 

The DRAFT plan starts on page 87 of this link:

I will go out on a limb here and say there will not be a new Official Plan in place by the 2014 election.

But yes, lets not change planners, Jorden is TOO integral to the operation.  TOO difficult to replace him.   FOR WHO?

For what we pay him in our tax dollars, we could have a FULL time planner in office FIVE days a week (that is called Service Delivery Improvement) and probably have had an Official Plan in place by now.


  1. Part of the reason this has dragged on so long is that Council and residents are making ridiculous requests! There is so much in the current draft that doesn't conform to the PPS (current or proposed) it's hilarious (in a sad way).
    You're absolutely right that a new OP will not be in force before 2014. The Province (MMAH - the approval authority) will have a field day with this one! Jerry knows a lot of the policies in the current draft won't make it past the Province...but he's putting them in anyways to appease Council and the resident NIMBY gang.

  2. Totally agree, keep telling him to write things that wont get passed and he will keep sending you his bills....what a waste