Saturday, January 12, 2013


The Mayor of Shitgate (formerly known as Southgate) has a letter to the editor in this week's paper about what a great thing it will be to haul offal and human waste in tarp covered transport trailers to a facility located adjacent to a residential neighbourhood and school in Dundalk.

I will not even provide the link to the article, everything he says in it is just crap.  But suffice to say he is touting this as his legacy.  Which makes sense for a guy who is full of shit.

Here is a tip Mayor Moran, I mean Milne, other regions are running away from this stuff because it will go wrong and the MOE is powerless to stop it:

WATERLOO REGION — Politicians say it’s unlikely Waterloo residents will roll out the welcome mat for a new facility to heat and dry sewage leftovers at the Waterloo Region landfill.
“If it’s going to generate odours in a residential area then it’s not the right site, period,” said Waterloo Coun. Scott Witmer.

Why is Minebuster writing about this?

Well because the haul route from Toronto will be through Orangeville, Shelburne and Melancthon.

In fact Lystek, the facility who will be "processing" the shit has been scuttling around Melancthon Council to pursuade them to let them haul the shit on Melancthon roads so it won't have to go through downtown Dundalk.

Since Melancthon Council has passed the heavy truck bylaw that prohibits their own residents from travelling on certain roads with a heavy load, I am 100% sure they will not permit this crap to happen.

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