Saturday, March 23, 2013


Jobs or turtles? Has the human species learned nothing?

Particularly Tim Hudack?

"Tim Hudak that made several alarming statements including this one: “Government should be protecting jobs more than turtles, birds and snakes.”
Read all about it here:
And watch this video of baby turtles can you NOT love turtles?


  1. What that we need Jobs to survive?

  2. We need jobs to survive. But we also need clean water, fresh air, and healthy food that hasn't travelled thousands of miles to reach a local supermarket. The promise of jobs that always seems to be dangled in front of the public by greedy corporations is an illusion and it's time Big Business stopped thinking we are gullible fools. (example: The Toronto casino vultures promise jobs while, at the very same time, Casino Windsor is laying off people) If you think that Tim Hudak gives a damn whether or not you can pay your mortgage or feed your family, you're sadly mistaken.....

  3. Isn't the Toronto Casino a Liberal mind wave?
    Dont think Hudak has anything to do with that.

    And McGuinty gives a sh#! about Ontario period?

    Wake up.

  4. I am not sleeping. McGuinty was a horrible premier in bed with people who couldn't care less about the future on this province. No great love for the Liberals here, I am not sleeping OR naive. But Hudak and his cronies are worse. I'm not sure what the answer is, other than the citizens themselves making a LOT of noise and reminding the damn politicians that WE elect THEM.