Tuesday, March 12, 2013


From the February 21, 2013 minutes:

Mayor Hill - Addition - Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech - Mayor Hill commented on Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech, particularly the part about rural areas and that they must have a voice in the future.

Mayor Hill suggested that the Township put a package of information together with the Township’s ARA comments, moratoriums on wind projects, etc. and send it to Premier Wynne.

The Township needs to move forward to protect farmland and wondered what Council’s thoughts were about sitting down with NDACT and possibly preparing a joint statement for the Premier, as NDACT’s new mission is to protect farmland and water.

No one from Council had any objection to this and the CAO was directed to book NDACT in to the next meeting as a Delegation.

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  1. Hello Mining for the TRUTH,
    NDACT appeared before Council Thursday March 7th and Council, in a recorded vote, unanimously agreed to support and activiely participate in the "FOOD and WATER FIRST" campaign. I am just waiting for the official wording from Council before we spread the word. NDACT will present to MONO, 26th of March and MULMUR at the next available date to ask the to become a "FOOD and WATER FIRST" Community as well.
    Carl Cosack