Saturday, March 16, 2013


The problem with mines and pits?

The proponent applies for a license, poo poo poeple's concerns calling them NIMBY's, get their license and then ignore the rules. 

I believe we are still waiting for an accounting of the aggreate removed from the Strada pit on the 4th line of Melancthon compared to the tonnage fee paid.

AND citizens had to complain over and over and over again about Strada trucks violating their "agreement" to not have trucks on that road before 6 a.m. and now taxpayers of Melancthon are having to pay for lawyers to write a bylaw to prohibit what Strada should be forced to do, since they agreed to it.

Here are more truck troubles as posted on the PitSense site:

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario conducted a ‘vehicle survey’ to determine the scope of weight compliance issues within the aggregate industry. Enforcement Officers surveyed 434 aggregate trucks between August and October 2012.

The data collected revealed a systemic problem and pattern of non-compliance for both gross and axle weight. Overloading is a problem across the industry. The majority of trucks surveyed exceeded maximum allowable axle weight and more than 40 percent exceeded maximum allowable gross vehicle weights.

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  1. I'm curious what the fines are for overloading. Or for exceeding reported tonnage. Because it seems to me that nothing ever changes with the aggregate industry, they do as they please despite breaking laws. Perhaps it's time to get SERIOUS with fines and to put a serious dent in aggregate company profits, because the destruction just keeps rollin' along....

  2. Any increased cost to produce and deliver aggregate would be directly reflected onto the consumer.
    Since the province is the biggest consumer of aggregate, you the tax payers will pay the these increases.
    So dont think you would be cutting into anyones profits, just increases in taxes.

    The Ministry of Transportation looks after the highways and truck inspections / weighing, go bark up their tree.