Sunday, March 10, 2013


St. Mary’s Cement was proposing to build a quarry on a 150-hectare site at the 11th Concession and Milburough Line, just north of Carlisle. It was opposed by a citizens group, Friends of Rural Comunities and the province in 2010 issued an unprecedented order halting the firm’s attempt to establish the limestone quarry. The order declared the site must remain zoned rural and conservation management in perpetuity.

In turn, St. Mary’s in 2011 threatened to take the matter to NAFTA.
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You will note that provincial taxpayers had to pay St. Mary's Cement $15 million to go away.

Hopefully the public realizes that that this cost is because of the province's policies and legislation, the Provincial Policy Statement and the Aggregate Resources Act that places a higher priority on rock than it does on prime agricultural land and water.

Change those and you stop this kind of nonesense and cost to taxpayers.

And congratulations to Graham Flint and the Friends of Rural Communities Everywhere (FORCE)!!!


  1. Would like to point out that Robert and David Lowndes (father & brother to John Lowndes) were responsible for this $15 million baby. Where do you think John got all of his ideas?

  2. "this cost is because of the province's policies and legislation"

    No it is because the Liberal government doesnt know how to follow there own rules and think they can do whatever the hell they wanted to do....

    What about those 2 gas power plants, they bought votes with???