Friday, March 15, 2013


The community of Southgate, Ontario is fighting to stop a sewage sludge treatment plant from being built there, beside a wetland and a few hundred meters from the local elementary school.

Unfortunately, their Mayor and Council appear to be going out of their way to help bring the plant -- and hundreds of tonnes per day of Toronto sewage sludge -- to the tiny community.

Real democracy requires transparency and when elected officials meet corporate interests quietly, behind the scenes and "in-camera" (which actually means no cameras or members of the public are allowed to know what is discussed) there is no chance that democracy will be served.

This is a common occurrence in the battle between the residents of Southgate and their elected officials.

I know the ratepayers being SLAPPED by their own local government could use some help, even a posting on facebook to let them know to never give up.

Facebook - STOP the Bio-Solids Plant from Being In a Town or near Housing
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