Thursday, August 8, 2013


China Longyuan Power Corporation

Excerpt from a letter to the editor:

And yet, Dufferin Wind seems to be ignoring this possibility in their plans to push ahead with the construction. It is as though they are “thumbing their noses” at the process and the community. Or maybe, they have some advance inside information about the outcome of the hearing. Or maybe, it is a matter of extreme over-confidence and the sense of entitlement that seems to permeate their dealings with the community. They are not the “good neighbours” their newspaper ads declare, when they display the arrogance and disregard for this community, and proper process in actions such as this.

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  1. Yes indeed, they are arrogant and have no regard for the community they are ripping apart. But I don't think they're over-confident. They have the politicians in their pockets and a Green Energy Act which seems to basically be a "PILLAGE AND PLUNDER FOR PROFIT" ticket. For those of us who live in the community, it is sad and frustrating and enraging. Hmm, this seems quite familiar....