Friday, August 2, 2013


“We routinely receive letters of objection from people who live 40 to 50 kilometres away from the proposed aggregate facility and they’re saying they’re concerned about the noise of the delivery trucks and don’t want a site rezoned for aggregate,” he says. “We have to answer all of the objections that are registered and have to write letters responding to their noise concerns.”

Hey, Mr. Mader, newsflash:

FIRSTLY:  Trucks and their noise and impacts on roads don't disappear after they leave YOUR pit....just saying.

SECONDLY: Municipalities (and their ratepayers) routinely have to spend municipal tax dollars to fight the very basics of an aggregate application via zoning and official plan amendments, things like source water protection, loss of community capital through demolition of homesteads and destruction of prime ag there Mr. Steve (whiney pants) Mader, VP of the aggregate company so very confusingly named Blueland Farms, located in Wiarton.

For what he does for a living, read all about it here:

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  1. These morons simply don't get it, do they? People CARE ABOUT FOOD AND WATER. People are concerned for THE FUTURE. As the aggregate industry continues to plunder our farmland and contaminate our water, it seems incapable of any foresight. It's all about profits. NOW. And this is exactly why our planet is in so much peril; Big Business that is incapable of seeing past its fat profit margins. Well, we will continue to educate, to fight, and to protect our natural resources, so that our children and grandchildren DO have a future. Idiots like Mader better wake up, their "free ride" is over over over.