Saturday, August 24, 2013


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said municipalities will be consulted before major projects proceed“It’s true that there’s not a veto power involved in this process, but we always have to balance the greater good with the local good,” Wynne said. “I hope it meets the needs of the municipality but we’re going to work on it.”

According to the thesaurus it also means discussion / talk / session / conference / meeting / sounding

I can't find anything in the thesaurus where it means, expropriation, lawsuit, bullying, roughshod, skirting the regulatory get the drift.

However, DWP is insistent that portions of the line be overhead, and has indicated that it will not negotiate with the county unless it is to be built in accordance with plans approved in its “leave to construct” from the Ontario Energy Board ( OEB).

Mayor Hill said in his letter and in an interview that DWP, unlike other wind companies dealing with the township and landowners, has simply ridden roughshod over anyone in its path.   He says DWP has been unwilling to discuss the concept, let alone negotiate.

What is interesting about their declared start date is that there are still a number of major issues to resolve in the only 11 days remaining until August 12.
As of this date, there is no agreement with the County regarding the use of the rail lands, nor has their action to expropriate the County lands (as well as the private land owners along the corridor) been successful or withdrawn.DWP has also made a request to the OEB to allow them to expropriate portions of the lands of three current leaseholders in their project, who were not compliant in the negotiations regarding routing of the transmission and distribution lines inside the project. This has not been resolved as of this writing.


  1. Well, prisoners are sort of "consulted" before the death sentence is carried out, right? "Rocco, do you have any last words before we execute you?" And then Rocco gets to say something, the same way the township gets to gurgle "We're unwilling hosts!!!" before DWP carries out its nasty work.

  2. My dog has bad fleas this year. They are sucking him dry and the only thing benefitting from the situation are the damn fleas. I would like my dog to go on record as an "unwilling host". This changes nothing, of course, the fleas will still have their way with him. A parasite is a parasite, afterall....