Friday, August 16, 2013


Today "our" farmed owned wind company aka CHINA is working feveriously on construction of a turbine just west of Redickville on County  Road 21.

I have to admit I am not that up to date on the turbine situation, unlike my keen mind and obviously stellar understanding of the entire mine situation (hahah), but if I am not mistaken I don't believe CHINA has acquired all of the permits required to begin construction.

That may be the way they do things IN China, but I thought IN Canada we have a regulatory framework in place for things like this.  Cause if we don't what the hell are we paying our politicians (and bureacrats) for?

Despite the fact the provincial Liberals have basically given the rubber stamp to these asinine industrial proposals on prime ag land and in rural Ontario, shouldn't CHINA at least have to go through the motions?

And I am choking on this as I am writing this back handed compliment, but here goes:....

At least Highlands didn't start digging their 2,300 hundred acre, 200 foot below the water table, open pit mine, BEFORE they got approval.

AND what the hell is going on at the intersection of Melancthon County Road 17 and 4th line Old Survey?


  1. Dufferin Wind (better known as "China Beats Melancthon into the Ground") is, on some levels, more threatening than Highland. They refuse to co-operate with Melancthon's council, they are willing to take the council to court if their ongoing plans are delayed even slightly, and they are using the Green Energy Act as a free ticket to roll over farmers and land. The public better wake up to what "Green Energy" REALLY means, because it seems to have taken away the rights of local citizens and opened up our rural landscape to foreign business at NO benefit to the community that's being plundered. Thank you, Dalton, where EVER you are....

  2. Just a thought about the intersection work.... Probably preparations for the turbine parts for DWP that will be going to Strada pit for storage.