Tuesday, August 6, 2013


“I’ve been reading a lot about...... a hedge fund guy who ……..knows nothing about our business…..
No this comment isn’t about Baupost..
It is George  Clooney speaking about another hedgefund, but he coulda been talking about Baupost, same situation. Hedge fund involved in making money, NOT a product.  Just money.
So lets hope "our" new hedgefund, Bonnefield is looking to make money by producing a "product"....cause we all know producing money without "making a product" isn't really what capitalism is all about....in my esteemed and unnoticed opinion :)
And while we are on the subject, whodja rather...

.....have as spokesperson....???? (ha, fooled yah!!!)

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  1. LOL! I have the best of both worlds! I am married to one of those guys and am damn proud of his ability to represent the cause AND would gladly have Mr. Clooney "play" Carl in the movie version of this saga as long as I can play me! :)