Tuesday, August 27, 2013


SPIRG, a Food and Water First supporter is a the group who is battling their own local government (Southgate/aka Dundalk) to stop a crap plant being constructed adjacent to a school and subdivision on lands that aren't properly zoned for that use will be co-hosting a giant yard sale at # 773126 Hwy 10.

This just south of the road that goes to Proton Station.

As this is a ‘moving’ sale, there will be a large selection of household goods and appliances and perhaps some farm equipment available.  

The owner has generously offered to share the proceeds with SPIRG.

We are also accepting donations of goods to be sold at this sale and offers to volunteer at the sale.

Sale will run starting Friday August 30 at noon, Sat. Aug 31 and Sun. Sept 1 from 8 – 5 and if necessary on Mon. Sept 2 until noon.

If you wish to donate goods, they can be dropped off at the sale sight during the week of the sale as there is indoor storage. 
To volunteer your services to work at the sale please contact dprier@golden.net.

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