Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Mulmur Deputy Mayor's resignation sought:

County does nothing

Quarry dominates federal debate

Prime agricultural land shouldn't be lost to quarry

Truck traffic could pose serious problems

Unanswered questions

Experts have been wrong before

County door on rail issue remains open

Rhonda Campbell Moon

Moon and Bennington deserve praise

Dufferin Federal of Agriculture

Daniher NOT winning, but whinging

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  1. Articles by the Highland Citizen, I mean the Orangeville Citizen have long made their position clear: THEY WANT A RAIL. So of course they think the uneducated and possibly corrupt Bennington and Moon "deserve praise". Well that makes 3 other than Bennington and Moon: Claridge, the Mayor of Orangeville, and the Deputy Mayor of Orangeville. Everyone else thinks these two council members should have their asses kicked. These councillors must vote as representatives of those who elect them. It is their job and they will do their job or NEVER BE RELECTED.