Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is pretty funny. 

The sound isn't great, but watch for the questions on the Chilean miners, the nutritional value of a rock and how will Highlands defend against Satan's lawsuit....

The look on the "consultants" faces is priceless when they are being questioned.

And take a peek at 3.26 on for a former federal Minister of Finance.....who looks very unhappy.


  1. Not only Federal Minister of Finance under Mulroney and a major architect of NAFTA but Canada's Ambassador to the U.S.A. until 2009 under Harper. Mr. Daniher has asserted on Goldhawk's show that the stone is 90% for use in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and 10% in the Barrie area and that Owen Sound and export are scare tactics of opponents. Hmm..... Perhaps, Michael Wilson would like to weigh in on the scheme both professionally and personally.

  2. I believe LIAR newsteam stands for Local Intelligence for Area Residents. Perfect!!

  3. And rest assured. THIS Michael Wilson is NO relation to Bruce and Mavis Wilson who are infamously known around here NOT for the generations of good the Wilson family has done or Mavis's stint as the only liberal MPP in Dufferin, who got elected on her HUSBAND'S good name, but rather for selling out and continuing to work for and with Highlands.