Saturday, April 30, 2011


There is a link to the Suzuki Foundation letter of objection to Highlands proposal posted on the Stop the Quarry facebook site (and a link was provided in yesterdays post on this blog).

Most of it, well almost ALL of it, is clearly above this blogger's level of understanding, but something written in plain language jumped out at me.

The Suzuki Foundation states on page 6 of their objection letter in reference to the studies Highlands did on the Pine River that Highlands experts conclude:
"...that there is an extensive area of fish habitat in the area above the proposed license area and below it but, according to the Stantec report, not through it".

So with my limited knowledge and intelligence, this would only make me come to the conclusion that we have a rare, rare type of fish in this area, flying trout.  I mean how else would the trout be able to nagivate the Pine River water system since they don't go THROUGH the license area, but are located both above and below it. 

Hokey smokes, stop the application!!!


  1. Anonymous02 May, 2011

    Yes it is dense however they point out that the stream is intermittent/seasonal so therefore would qualify as fish habitat (direct or indirect)..

  2. Anonymous02 May, 2011

    I think that I agree with what the first comment on this thread is trying to get at, however, the Pine River above and below (and through) the subject area is not in any way intermittent/seasonal. It is because of the Pine's pre-eminence as an ever flowing trout nursery in the Nottawasaga system that it is precious and threatened by the Highlands' scheme. I'll review the application and the Stantec report and ask that the previous poster do so as well. P.S. Very cool graphic included with this posting, Minebuster!