Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here is the objection letter to the application for an aggregate resource license for the Melancthon Mega Mine (M3) filed by the Council of Canadians with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Highland Companies.

I would like you to specifically pay attention where it states:
"Because the construction company is backed by the Baupost Group, a Boston‐based multi‐billion dollar hedge fund, it likely has NAFTA rights to sue the Canadian government if at any time after the contract has been signed, any level of government changes its mind on the project or attempts to limit damage to the land and water of the area by imposing new restrictions on the company’s operations. As well, NAFTA’s Chapter 11 gives American corporations operating in Canada the right to claim the water sources they use in their operations."

Hm, that would seem like a federal issue to me. 

Our MP, David Tilson, however has been reluctant, nay refusing, to get involved in this issue over the past two years, stating this open pit mine is provincial jurisdiction, NOT a federal one. 

He states that if anyone provides him with PROOF as to why it would be a federal issue, he would certainly be interested.  (In other words if you do the work FOR him, he is all for it.)

Well one might think that a national water policy and food policy would be a Federal issue, but I guess not. 

I will go out on a limb here and say the only thing Mr. Tilson is interested in is getting re-elected.

I mean if HE doesn't know about NAFTA and a foreign company's right to sue the FEDERAL government, how in the hell does someone who writes a crappy blog be able to find this stuff? 


  1. surprised to find no mention of this though I may have missed it (?)

  2. I find your election poll results amusing. The Green Party? Really!? It shows who is actually following this blog in relation to the rest of the County. When the Green Party gets the County of Dufferin I'll eat my shoe!

  3. The poll is NOT scientific, has not been tampered with and is NOT an IPSOS REID poll that means anything official. Results ARE interesting though.

  4. 4:14 were you at the Town Hall meeting? Van Leeuwen was head and shoulders above everyone on that stage in the "brains" department. Not a big Green Party supporter myself, but in a just world he would win. He was best able to articulate his personal vision and the vision of his party for this riding. He was believable, smart, didn't B.S. and actually had some real ideas. Prout was disingenuous... and Tilson...don't even get me started.

  5. Do you know what ELSE is a federal issue? That would be the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. IF Tilson had wanted to assist his ratepayers, he could have contacted them 2 years ago, but NOPE, nada, nothing. Do you know, as of 2 days ago, on a telephone call he did not even know the name of the ratepayers group in HIS riding who is fighting this. The Green Party candidate, on the other hand is a member of NDACT.

  6. Anonymous03 May, 2011

    Tilson doesn't know anything about anything. He has a cute blonde assistant who feeds him information. Without her or his "Harper Manual" he is just a bobble head.