Saturday, April 16, 2011


The United Church in Shelburne held another eco-forum to discuss environmental issues.  Last night's topic was the Melancthon Mega Mine (M3) and the impacts.

It was very informative and there were lots of people there who were hearing the message for the first time.  In fact one woman said it was scaring the hell out of her.

But do you know who wasn't there?  Highland spokesperson Michael Daniher.   He has been at every public meeting, every Council meeting and quite frankly every letter opening in the past 5 years, but an important meeting like this-nada, no show, nothing.  My understanding was he was even invited to speak at the event but declined.

I wondered why he was a no show, but then I realized it must be because after his lame attempt to bamboozle Dale Goldhawk on Goldhawk's radio show on Friday April 15, 2011, he was still licking his wounds.

In fact after Goldhawk got Daniher twisting and caught in the very fact he would not answer a simple question with a simple yes or no, Goldhawk offered to put him on hold,  should Michael want to enlighten the listeners further on the issue, to which Michael readily agreed to.  At that point he probably needed to go change his shorts anyway.

So when I really got thinking about it, I am pretty sure this is where Daniher still is:



  1. Why are they holding these meetings in a church? Pretty sad when you have to get religion involved.....please people

  2. I am not sure why a church would not be a venue. It was not about religion, it was about outreach. Plus in a small town there are very few accessible facilities and this was one of them. If you weren't there I guess you wouldn't know. We didn't do communion and have snake handlers or confession or baptise people, we just invited them to come and hear a message.

  3. Re: April 19, 2011, 7:16
    It would be "pretty sad" if a church did not stand up for the sanctity of water and the soil of the earth. Drop the word religion and substitute spirituality and the concept makes perfect sense. We are all responsible for the gift of creation and if a church won't stand up for that who the hell will?? Trinity Church is a United Church and, checking out the on line literature of the United Church of Canada, it is part of their mandate to protect the environment.

  4. Sorry that last comment was for 9:57

  5. Where did the stone come from that the church is made from? or the road that leads to the church or the parking lot?......

  6. Not below the water table 4:13.

  7. Oh Snap 4:13!!!