Saturday, April 9, 2011


Why I do believe it is the smell of desperation.

Mickey D. did NOT look happy at the Legion meeting wherein his shortcomings, I mean the shortcomings of his bosses DVD were simply pointed out. 

He looked even worse at Mulmur's Council meeting, all twitchy and shakey.

And then, a mass mailing to everyone in the world to "set the record straight on the proposed quarry".

All well and good except it doesn't set anything straight.  Here we go....

"NO ONE'S DRINKING WATER WILL BE AFFECTED"-really?  Well of course not, according to Highlands leading experts have concluded that.  Do they say how?  Well not, but this is how they did it.  Highlands due a bunch of wells in the lowest, wettest swampiest parts of the land they owned and took the readings they wanted.  Then some "expert" did a computer model.  Wow, I feel relieved.

"99% OF THE PROPOSED QUARRY IS LOCATED IN THE PINE RIVER WATERSHED"  Well that may be, but the quarry will be situated on the headwaters of the Grand and Nottawasaga Riversheds and three subsheds, one of which is the Pine.  And I wonder, once you start digging a huge honking hole and hitting underground lakes and "managing" the water flow how that 99% of water is going to know it is only allowed to travel a certain way because Highlands said so?

"WATER IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO HAS BEEN MANAGED FOR MANY YEARS"  Good to know, but they keep talking about the Holland Marsh-more on that later.   And funny enough they WANT us to think of the Holland Marsh when they talk about their water, but NOT when you talk about a specialty soil  The Holland Marsh soil is special and so is the Honeywood silt loam.  Highlands says nothing special about Honeywood soil because it only grows potatoes which aren't special.  Well the Holland Marsh grows carrots and celery for the most part and last I knew there was nothing special about that crop either.  IT IS THE SOIL that is special.

"PUMPING AND RECHARGING WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ARE ONTARIO-PROVEN" really-where has this been proven in a hole bigger than Niagara Fall managing 600 million litres of water a day?  NO WHERE that is where. 

"THE QUARRY WILL CONSUME LESS WATER THAN FARMING" What does "consume" mean.  If it means in their wash stations and processing probably.  But if they include the 600 million litres of water a day they must "manage" then all I can say is hahahahahahaha and liar liar pants on fire.

More in another post.  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


  1. Because of a traffic jam in Bradford, I drove through the Holland Marsh the other day along Canal Rd. Highland's regards the Pine River in the same way as the sewers that pass as canals draining the Holland Marsh. There aren't any brook trout in those canals! I rather doubt that there is any potable water anywhere within the flood plain of the Holland Marsh canals. Highland's/Mr. Daniher's recent insulting mailing relies on a premise that it is alright to bully and behave stupidly because there is a long history of stupid bullies. That era is over.

  2. I lived in a municipality once that wanted to install a new culvert. The started the work without the exhaustive process of Ontario Fisheries and Ocean approval. The Fisheries and Ocean people got a call from an irate citizen and arrived at the municipal office with guns. TRUE story.