Monday, April 25, 2011


A Native Walk to Stop the Quarry started on earth day at Queen's Park with a crowd of about 200.   The core group of about 20 have been joined off and on over the past three days by hundreds of well wishers, walking with them, honking in support, providing food and water (no bottled water!!) and money for gas for the two support vehicles.

This was yesterday at the Town Hall in Orangeville:

They are starting this morning at 8:30 am at the Mono Plaza on Hwy 10 just north of Orangeville and plan to end their walk in Shelburne at the Town Hall.   They will finish the walk tomorrow at a farm on County Road 124 north of Hornings Mills.

Come out and join them. 

PS Deputy Mayor Bennington, if you want to come out and inform yourself on the issues and get a well needed photo-op of doing something good, you can rest assured you won't be "bombarded with 200 questions that you can't answer".  Sometimes it isn't all about you.


  1. I'd like to see Mayor Ed Crewson there, too, but it's not questions I'd like to bombard him with...

  2. mining by an American company in Good farmland needs to be stopped. Where are the elected politians?

  3. Well, Tilson, who has been absolutely NO help until now when he is running for re-election DID turn out for a photo-op and that is about as much help as the politicans have been. The Green candidate is a member of NDACT, so keep that in mind.