Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mr. Crump of Toronto wrote a letter to the editor in the Orangeville Banner.

In the letter, supporting the Mega Quarry, he writes:

"While I agree with much of what Rob Strang said about the pristine British Columbia (BC) environment and the northern gateway pipeline project providing little benefit to the province — Oil pipeline is a lot different than a road, On Politics column published Aug. 21— his attempt to draw a parallel with the Melancthon quarry proposal accomplished the opposite.

The quarry, of course, would extract the resource in Ontario for use within Ontario to meet a projected future Ontario demand. The province and its residents will indeed bear the environmental risk, but will also reap the benefits in terms of jobs and a secure supply of an essential construction material.  

It doesn’t take much imagination to envision materials quarried in Melancthon being used in Melancthon. "


His thought process is clearly misguided.  Materials quarried in Melancthon used in Melancthon?  Seriously?


  1. Mr. Crump from Toronto???? That is the WORST name a troll has ever come up with. I'm almost embarrassed for the letter writer....

  2. Where in the hell does Mr. Cun...I mean Crump think this aggregate could be used in Melancthon? Oh yeah, replacing all the houses Highlands razed.