Saturday, August 25, 2012


The article at this link is great,pictures wonderful but one of the comments at the end posted by stonecoldtruth2011 sums it up:

In one sense the Highland Companies have done us a Mega Favor.

If their proposal were not so ‘Mega’ we might have gone on in slumber, not really noticing our Niagara Escarpment being progressively consumed ‘pit by pit’, 100 acres at a time.

Organizations like Gravel Watch and its affiliated members have been fighting these battles for many decades, with few but locals taking notice.

The Mega Quarry is a proposal for 2300 acres. In Caledon alone, even closer to the GTA, there are 2800 acres of pits and quarries already in operation, with more acres being applied for.

Groups like FORCE, PERL, PitSense, CONE, ProtectCaledon and NDACT, to name a few, are actively engaged in protecting our Escarpment, Greenbelt, World Biosphere Reserve, and Moraine.

The more we learn from each other, cooperate, and coordinate, the better our chances of being heard.

And here is a link to stonecoldtruth2011 blog:

Hey StoneCold-truer words were never blogged and so tip of the hat to you Highlands, Lowndes, Baupost and Seth Klarman.

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  1. The aggregate industry in Ontario has been out of control for years, overseeing itself (what a joke), under-inspected and raping the landscape at will, leaving the countryside plundered and useless for many decades to come. The only good thing to come out of the mega quarry proposal (other than showing politicians the power of a grass roots organization) is that it's put a microscope on the uncontrolled and destructive greed that's rampant in the aggregate business. So thanks for that, Highland/Baupost, Seth and John. (but don't expect to be at the head table at the next OSSGA Christmas party...)