Friday, August 3, 2012


The Suzuki Foundation issued a press release on July 30, 2012 advising that in conjunction with the Canadian Chef's Congress they are hosting Soupstock to raise awareness about the fight to stop the Highland Companies proposed limestone Mega-Quarry in the Township of Melancthon.

You will recall that the Chef's Congress, together with NDACT, hosted Foodstock on the farms of the families who will be impacted by the Mega Quarry-Blacks, Vanderzaags and French's.

It was an amazing and magical event that drew 28,000 people to the site on a cold rainy day in October.

Everyone involved was very appreciative of the Chef's Congress and the awareness that was raised for the idiotic idea proposed by Highland Companies of blasting a hole 2,300 acres wide and more than 200 feet below the water table to remove the limestone on prime ag land.

You should be aware that the funds raised at Soupstock go to the Chef's Congress and Suzuki Foundation for ALL of the causes they support.

None of the money goes directly to NDACT.

So please support Soupstock and the Suzuki Foundation as they have been instrumental in raising awareness about the Mega Quarry.

BUT, if you would rather direct your donation directly to NDACT, please check out their website

DISLAIMER: this blog is NOT supported, endorsed or even read by NDACT. 

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