Sunday, August 5, 2012


Peter Kent has been bombarded with emails, foodstock postcards (17,000 if I recall) and generally hounded for his lack of leadership on the Mega Quarry issue.

He did, however, appear in the flesh last week with our MP David Tilson.

I know this because the Orangeville BANNER  reported on it, see link:

The least we could all do is thank him for appearing and thank Tilson for bringing him here.

Just saying...and just a suggestion...PLEASE. No matter the political party they belong to, this is now a non-partisen issue.

Contact emails are here:

And if you do nothing else, please please, pretty please,  thank Michael Chong and Peggy Nash for being concerned at the federal level about something that isn't in their own riding.


  1. After writing Mr. Kent three times and receiving three responses that all claimed the mega quarry was NOT a federal issue, I have now written for the fourth time, thanking him for touring the site. I am a polite activist, I am. A polite activist without an OUNCE of trust in Harper and his minions and I have no doubt they would sell their grandma's family homestead to China if it was sitting on a chunk of limestone or a freshwater stream. But thanks anyway, Mr. Kent. Maybe you grew tired of Highland's lobbyists pounding away at your office door....

  2. I'll thank Peter Kent when he actually does something effective. In the mean time I'll be asking him when and what he intends to do about this shameful mess.